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Ink cartridges and toners

Peach Accessories for printers (home / office / industrial ), plotters and copiers

Peach is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ink cartridges for all the most popular printer brands. Peach supplies printer ink for the following brands:
  • Brother
  • Canon 
  • Epson 
  • HP 
  • Lexmark 
Peach customers save up to 50% compared with original branded products, yet the quality is the same or better. 

Snap 'n' Print

Developed and patented by Peach, the Snap 'n' Print system is the only functional alternative for printers with integrated print heads (incorporating the nozzle lines or nozzle plate and the ink in a single unit). This system separates the nozzle plate (which is reusable) from the ink tank (which is non-reusable). The same principle applies to printers originally built with separate nozzle plate and ink tank (such as Epson and Brother). The advantage of the Peach system is that the nozzle lines or plates can be reused instead of throwing them away after each use. This is better for the environment and cuts ink costs by up to 50%.